II didn't realize this page was going to be so slow...so I'll ask you now, is your vehicle safe for your family? I mean if you were going to visit your in-laws, and you had the kiddos in the back seat...do you have them safely buckled in? You don't want them flopping all over the place just in case you were forced off the road and your vehicle turned over a couple of times? No, you wouldn't. Are the brakes in good condition? What about the front suspension?...don't want to loose the steering, do we? Just a few provoking thoughts while this page is loading...it may be open, now.

Here is the new ebook, "How To Keep Your Car Looking and Running Like New for 200,000 Miles!"

Who should buy this ebook?

People with an automobile, car, pickup, or suv...people that have problems with their vehicle...people who want to minimize problems with their vehicle...and those of you who want to know how to "talk" with the people at the repair shops and dealerships...and you. You want to keep your vehicle in "like new" condition, don't you?

It'll give you the information you need to maintain your car or truck in order to get the 200,000 miles, and hopefully reduce the chance of "major" breakdowns.

Bad Car Again!

How To Keep Your Car Looking and Running Like New For 200,000 Miles

Then give it to your kid and let them drive it for another 100,000 miles!

And Probably Do It For Less Thank You Are Spending On It Now!

It's true!

  • You can get 200-300,000 miles from today's vehicles.

  • Electronic components and computerized equipment lets you do it.

This ebook will save you hundreds of dollars over the years, if you do what you read. :-)

The PDF ebook itself is not worth the price. But, if the words in it save you hundreds of dollars, then you are the larger winner.

This lady came in with the right rear tire all out of shape. It had "waves" around the part that rides the pavement.

She told me she had noticed the rear of the car was starting to act like a 'yo-yo' awhile back.

The rear shocks were collapsed!

That caused the rear tires to "bounce" on the highway, taking a little piece of the tire each time it hit the pavement, causing the "waves".

If she had read this ebook, she would have know to replace the shocks before she ruined the tires. Um, um, um.

You do have a very nice vehicle, and, you want to keep it that way for a long, long time. Yeah, I know you do, I would too!

New vehicles are very expensive; and it's hard to buy one every year or two.

You're happy with the one you have: Now, learn how to keep it that way?

There is a Weekly Check List included in this ebook so you can keep up with what needs to be checked each week...there is also a Monthly Check List so you can keep up with what needs attention each month. :-)

Get a head start, now, on learning how to 'avoid road-side-park service'!

If you never change the fuel filter, for example, you will be stranded somewhere, someday.

With any type of mechanical equipment, if you use it, you will have to do maintenance on it.

If you don't use it, it will probably just rot. :-)

I want the knowledge in this ebook to save you many more dollars than you paid for it. Think of this ebook as a ladder to self-satisfaction. The more you read and learn, the higher you climb. :-)

Just think what your neighbor will think, not to mention those at work, around the round table when you start discussing your "transaxle"!

Hey, just think what your technician will think about you...or the one on that trip to visit your in-laws and the "Check Engine" light comes on and you have to stop at a strange shop.

Most repair shops charge A&L for diagnoses...that's an arm and a leg.

Sometimes you have to let them do it, though.

But why not get the advantage, now, and be able to diagnose a lot of the problems yourself?

You can probably save the price of the ebook on the first visit to the repair shop by being able to tell them what you think is wrong.

Or at least you'll know if they are trying to sell you something you don't need...or charge you extra labor!

You know, it's hard to look at a vehicle now days and tell what year model it is...I've seen some 3-5 year old vehicles that I really thought were new ones, or at least only one year old.

You can have people think the same thing about yours..."Oh, my, Sara, when did you get that new car?" and it's the same one you had last year when you visited your in-laws. :-)

I raised the hood on a 7 year old pickup awhile back, and it looked as clean as it did the day he bought it, new.

With the instructions in this ebook, you can do the same thing with your vehicle, and it's not hard to do.

You want to drive your car for as many miles as possible, don't you?

Sure you do!

I don't have to fill your head with a bunch of "hypnotic-gut-clinching-you're-danged-if-you-don't-selling-words". (Glad I was typing, I can't even say it!) :-)

You want to know how, and for $44.97 you can learn how. I put the price of it here, where you won't have to search all over the internet trying to find it, as we do on other sites. :-)

This ebook can save you hundreds of dollars; many frustrating hours of 'head-scratching'; and help keep you from being taken advantage of at the repair shop. You'll learn to talk 'with' them', and not have to just 'listen' to them. :-)

You don't have to do it today, tomorrow will be fine.


How long will it take "tomorrow" to get here?

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P.S. If for some reason you can't get the ebook, let me know and I'll send it to you:

Couldn't Get It!

Be sure to put the receipt number in the email body. :-) Thanks

If you have any questions about this ebook, before you buy, or after you buy, email me at Questions or call me on the phone at: 941-764-0004 in Port Charlotte, FL USA

Beware, I stay on the internet a lot, so you'll have to keep calling...all my friends do.

Just a note, though, when you purchase the ebook, you should read it and apply the instructions now, in order to start getting 200,000 miles with less malfunctions and expense...the longer you wait, the more chance for a 'road-side-park experience'!

Thanks to everyone that has bought and/or read the ebook, and made those nice comments. :-)

Read what Jill Prosser of Missouri had to say about the ebook when she 'proof-read' it for me. I've read it so much I thimp I missedspelled 'car'. :-)


I really like the beginning, where you start out with an
explanation, and I think the whole is well written and
very well put together.

Also, the way you 'throw hints' every once in awhile,
reminding readers WHY they got the book, and how it
will save them money to know and do these things -

I never realized how much 'maintenance' was
involved - like all those things to check weekly, that I
usually check (don't get upset) more like - yearly.

It's obvious that you've spent a lot of time on it, and
have included wisdom from your years of experience.
I really don't see how you could improve on it.

If you haven't considered it, I would certainly use the
fact that you're offering *FREE* explanations and
repair help when requested, and including a phone #

This ebook is full of interesting and more importantly,
useful information Tommy.

Very detailed, and I'll admit that I didn't understand
everything you talked about. But, if I were to really take
the time, I'm sure I could figure it out, because of the
way you explain it :0)

I think the average person will be very pleased with
their purchase!

One of your biggest 'problems' may be trying to
convey to people the amount of detailed information
you are offering here - and getting in front of the right
audience, which is just about everyone!

Personally, I had no idea it would be so detailed.
That's a good thing!

They say to always give more than what is expected.

I hope you'll have a few more ebooks to offer for sale,
because when people get this, chances are they will
buy from you again :0)

Again - in my honest opinion, it was WAY more
informative than I had imagined, and I think everyone
who gets it will be pleasantly surprised and very
satisfied - for sure!

To sum it all up, in my totally HONEST opinion - I think
you've done a really great job here Tommy - really :0)

Well, thanks for letting me 'preview' it! I learned a lot
from the ebook.

Jill :0)

Before I accumulated several years of experience, I had a lot of 'road-side-parking' myself. I may still have one today, but the chances have been cut a whole lot less. When we realize we are going to make a trip, in a couple of weeks or so, I go over our vehicle with a fine-tooth-comb...if I find something that 'may' give us a problem, I take care of it before we take the trip.

Learn amazing, but simple tips and tricks that will help you get the desired mileage from your vehicle with the least amount of money and road-side-park service.

  • In this ebook you will learn what a part is; what its job in life is; what happens to other parts of the vehicle when one gets sick and dies.

  • You will learn to recognize a certain part.

  • You will learn where that part is located.

  • You will have something to talk about at the 'round-table' at work!

Why should you buy this ebook?

  • So you can 'talk' to the repair techs instead of just 'listening' to them.
    What will the repair shop tech think about you when you tell him your egr valve is stopped up and needs replacing?
    Bet he'll have more respect for you, then! huh?

  • So you can learn when they are trying to sell you something you don't need.

  • So you will know when they made a 'repair' that was necessary.

  • So you will be able to keep some of your money, instead of spending it on 'un-necessary' charges.

  • So you can drive a 'safe' vehicle.

  • So you can use the Check Lists to keep up with what you have done, or what you need to do.

  • So you can have the peace-of-mind that you are doing all you can for your children while taking them to visit their grand-parents!

After you get the ebook and read it, you will be able to make a basic inspection of your vehicle.

You will be able to know if a part is safe or not...if you find something that could cause a hospital stay, you may not want to take the kids to see their grand-parents...you may want to visit the nearest repair shop!

For example: If you do one of the things you learn about in the ebook, such as testing the water pump bearing, and find that the pulley has some slack in it, you would have the water pump replaced so the pulley doesn't come off and knock a hole in the radiator!

Another thing you will learn is how to tell if the front suspension is still in good shape.

If you see and feel slack in one of the tie rod ends, you will know that if it breaks, you will loose the steering...you could be making a sharp curve with a highline pole just in front of you, and you can't steer the car!...not good, even when you are alone and by yourself!

Why else would you want to buy this particular ebook?

  • You can't find this information anywhere else.

  • You can't find information written in this style.

  • You can't find this type information written with 'just you' in mind.

  • This ebook is not technical...I'm not technical...and you may not be technical.

  • This ebook is not written from 'the manual'. It's written from 33 years experience...OJT (on the job training).

  • Plus, you can't get the ebook Car Care and Tips from any other source...and it doesn't cost you anything, if you buy this ebook, not even a cyber-stamp!

That's right! If you buy the ebook, "How To Keep Your Car Looking and Running Like New For 200,000 Miles", you'll get another helpful ebook called, "Car Care and Tips" which is loaded with beneficial information to help you keep your car, or truck, or SUV in SAFE condition for you and your family.

How can you get the "How To Keep Your Car Looking and Running Like New For 200,000 Miles!" ebook?

Right here!

  • Click Here! >Buy it at ClickBank ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days all sales are final.

  • Personal Check or Money Order:

If you think you made a bad investment, email me at:
Refund Please

You can send your personal check or a money order to:

Joseph Handlon
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If you have any questions you would like to talk mouth-to-ear about, you can call me at: 941-764-0004 and tell my wife you want to buy the ebook. :-)

But you may have to call several times, I stay on the internet a lot. :-)

P.S. If you are concerned about the safetyness of your vehicle, you should buy this ebook so you can learn what parts can cause an accident while you are taking the kids to school; or, visiting your in-laws.

P.P.S. The price of this ebook is not near as much as a repair bill, or a visit to the emergency room!

P.P.P.S. And the guarantee still holds, if you think you wasted your money, just let me know and I will refund it.

Get it now!

Another testimony:

I have almost got half way through you book. It is very informative and user friendly, and it relates a very concessive approach to better car management and the many things that we should be aware of yet seem to overlook. So far, it is well written and the laymans approach is a bonus. In today's electronic computerized world most woo-- man don't have a clue when it comes to computerized verbalization, if you have ever been to crappie tire ( sorry Canadian Tire Corp) for a tune up you will no what I mean. The first thing out of their mouth is well we'll have to analyze it ( the problem) they went to computer school for 20 years and if the computer can't figure it out then sorry I can't help you , your out of luck , that putting it friendly user terms. I could elaborate here but I won't ( praise the Lord) That's why most women have nervous break downs when they just think about having to take the jalopy to the dealer or the local rip off shop just around the corner, they are completely defenseless then the get a bill for $60.00 just to change a halogen bulb in the headlight like my daughter (single parent) had done last week. She said Dad I just could not believe it. I whish she had of told me about it I would have done it for here. She had gotten stopped for no headlight but was lucky she did not get a ticket just a caution. So much for that now lets get back to the book. When I gleam the knowledge in you book I no I am getting the important facts from respected years of experience and knowledge ,been there, done that and no you can't do it that way, and especially all the places they usually miss or are not bothered to took for when you lube job, oil leaks - most replies are don't worry its not bad enough yet. (garage mechanic) my thoughts- but I will see you$$$$$ when it is. Any how I must get ready to close as I have more things to get caught up on but I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with what I have digest so far in your book and I will certainly complete the project. Take care and God bless , Danny